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The increasingly important role of educational toys today

Let’s do an experiment, dear parents. Stand in front of the window of a toy store and try to leave aside your rationality, thinking then how a child would think, in an instinctive way. What do you see? Colors, lights, sounds, funny shapes, funny and funny characters, just like the ones you have seen at home on the television screen, the latest generation of technological instruments: all of this attracts your gaze and instinctively you feel attracted by everyone these objects and you would like to own it, is it not so?

After all, the windows of the toy shops are made just for this purpose, attract the eyes of children, capture their attention and set in motion a mechanism of desire that compels them, pass the deadline, to ask mom and dad to buy for them a gift. Yes, the showcases of toy shops serve just that and the process that you have therefore just empty way of discovering is natural. Now, however, the time has come to take up the reins of your rationality. Look again at all the objects in the window. You can still see fascinating objects, but besides what you see, do you see something useful? No, with the rationality and your years that weigh on your back, for sure all the games you see before you are not useful at all for any kind of learning, they are only pastimes but within a few hours at most they lose all their charm and turn into something that children relegate to a corner of the room and to which they pay no more attention except on rare occasions. And now look at the prices: high for games that will be relegated to a corner, do not you think?

Unfortunately, most of the toy shops in our cities offer only and exclusively products of this type and then it’s up to you parents to roll up their sleeves to go looking for something completely different, like educational toys you can find for example on, which offer your children charm and fun, but also the opportunity to learn something about themselves and the world around them. Children do not need mere entertainment, but they need tools that allow them to wonder, to let their imagination fly away, to imitate what they usually see around them, to go into concepts that seem at first glance really very complex but with the right play become accessible, within reach of even the youngest children.

Babies are real sponges, able to understand much more than we believe. Children are smart, clever, able to create, to understand, to put together fragments in a truly exceptional way and with the right tools their intelligence and every skill they possess can really develop in the best possible way.