The increasingly important role of educational toys today

Let’s do an experiment, dear parents. Stand in front of the window of a toy store and try to leave aside your rationality, thinking then how a child would think, in an instinctive way. What do you see? Colors, lights, sounds, funny shapes, funny and funny characters, just like the ones you have seen at home on the television screen, the latest generation of technological instruments: all of this attracts your gaze and instinctively you feel attracted by everyone these objects and Leggi tutto

Eyewear Business Review


In recent years the eyewear business has seen a great deal of sustainable growth and is now considered by many as a force to be reckoned with within the fashion industry. No longer is the focus aimed solely at apparel and accessories such as handbags and shoes, but more at this growing business. There are currently three major players in the industry who have seized this exciting opportunity with both hands and are currently making waves within the eyewear sphere.
The top player is no-doubt Luxottica; a little-known yet powerful and successful eyewear manufacturer based in Italy. In recent years this company has gained a great deal of influence worldwide in the eyewear indust Leggi tutto

Invoice Factoring

Invoice factoring is a financial transaction whereby a business sells it’s accounts receivable to a third party in exchange for immediate cash with which to finance continued business. Invoice factoring could be seen as a modern-day equivalent of a bank overdraft.

Here at Target Business Assist, our team are highly experienced in the factoring sector and have a wealth of knowledge spanning many different businesses.

Why Choose Target Assist as Your Invoice Factoring Company?

  • We have access to most UK lenders and will look at your business extensively on your behalf to ensure you gain the best rates Leggi tutto

Eurofighter Information: New Eurofighter World Magazine Launched

The latest edition of Eurofighter’s in-house Magazine ‘Eurofighter World’ was lauched this week, with 24 pages full of news and articles from the busy summer months on the programme. The new magazine addresses some of the hot topics from across the fighter community as well as looking back at the key milestones achieved since the last edition was released in May 2010.

With the new HMSS and Helmet delivered to the air forces, full scale development of an advanced AESA Radar underway and a ‘fully loaded’ Typhoon flying at Farnborough International in July, this latest magazine is packed full of content and pictures. Articles in this edition include, among others, ‘Eurofighter reaches the realms of the Leggi tutto